A 2WD device to learn PWM?


I have Arduino UNO.

Can you please suggest me a cheap and good kit to learn PWM? I need 2 DC motors, a controller, and two driving wheels. [edit] and a joystick for input [/edit]



Why would you need all of that to learn PWM? You could learn PWM by simply controlling the LED on pin 13 - no parts needed at all.

In fact, one could learn PWM just by reading about it - then trying to implement something in code (without using any libraries, of course).

What exactly are you wanting to do?

Pololu has some great little robot kits for this. Expect to spend up to $100 for one that includes the controller. The 3pi and Zumo robots look good.

You may be able to put together what you want from their individual parts. A Pololu motor controller and two small motors would be $30 or so. You may find cheaper controllers elsewhere but one that is configured as an Arduino shield is the best way to start. Even if it doesn't fit in your eventual robot, it is a good tool to keep on your workbench.

I'm just unsure why the OP needs an entire robot kit/platform in order to learn PWM (pulse width modulation); as I noted, the pin 13 LED would work just fine for learning the technique. If you had to control a motor, you could do it fairly cheaply with a small motor, a transistor, a resistor, and a diode - all stuck on a breadboard.

Which is why I asked what the OP really wanted to do - are they trying to learn PWM, or are they trying to build a robot (or are they building something else entirely)?

Until the OP answers - all we can do is speculate, and provide solutions which may or may not be what the OP needs.

I think it is necessary to work with full-power motors to learn PWM. There's a lot of things that happen which you don't see with an LED. The back EMF and smoothly accelerating a motor up to maximum speed don't really happen with an LED.

You don't need a 850W motor (altough that's nice) but at least a small 6V toy motor will demonstrate most of the important problems with PWM control. For example, running a 6V motor on a 12V supply is an excellent test of the usefulness of PWM.