A BASIC like mid function problem, dealing with empty strings.

I wrote the code below to return a word from a string, i call it substring, as well a word is a revorved name.
The problem i face with this code, that with arduino c++
I cannt use empty strings,

 WordSampleN = ''; //seams not allowed

or is there some trick for it ?.

My goal is to have a function that takes the nth (wordcount number) as a word from a string
There might be another problem in this code, but well i’m at first stuck by the assigning an empty to a string.
As i am not sure if assigning it null would solve this, how to deal with empty strings in arduino’s c++ ?

int GetSubString (String A,int Wordcount) //for readability start counting B from 1
{   int CounterX;
    String WordSampleN;
    String result ;
    for (int i = 0; i < A.length(); i++)
    {   // split string
        WordSampleN = WordSampleN + A[i];
        if ((A[i] == ' ') || (A[i] =='\n'))
        {   CounterX++;
            if (CounterX == Wordcount)
            {   result = WordSampleN;
            if (CounterX <> WordCount)
            {   WordSampleN = '';
    return result;

I cannt use empty strings,

Sure you can, when you lean the distinction between a string ("this is a string") and a char ('d').

I've never used the String library but maybe try WordSampleN = "";