a basic stupid question about D1 mini but im banging my head against the wall!

im trying to automate a curtain pole using a d1 mini, and stepper with an A4988 controller and blynk.

I can control the motor using the example script from the IDE with an arduino micro but when i load the same script into the D1 Mini it wont run.

can someone please confirm that it should run? it should just act as a normal arduino until i hook it up to the WiFi shouldnt it?

We'll need to have your script and circuit schematic before we can provide any real answer.

As for a wild guess, you should be aware that in order to use the numbers marked on the D1 Mini's silkscreen, you need to leave the D prefix. This is different from the normal Arduino boards where you just use the numbers alone. You can see the reason here:

static const uint8_t D0   = 16;
static const uint8_t D1   = 5;
static const uint8_t D2   = 4;
static const uint8_t D3   = 0;
static const uint8_t D4   = 2;
static const uint8_t D5   = 14;
static const uint8_t D6   = 12;
static const uint8_t D7   = 13;
static const uint8_t D8   = 15;
static const uint8_t RX   = 3;
static const uint8_t TX   = 1;

Thanks all sorted!

You're welcome. I'm glad to hear it's working now. Enjoy!

ohhh its a LONGGGGGGG way of working, watch out for the " help with curtain control" thread!! :o Thanks again!

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