A bee in my pocket: board? speaker? battery? Need help :)

Hi all!

I'm new to the Arduino world, just signed up to the forum. Very happy to be here! But first of all sorry in advance if I don't use the right words or Arduino 'slang' :sweat_smile:

[u]Here is my project[/u]:

I would like to create a portable and compact device with Arduino to play a 2min song after someone click 3-4 times in a row on a button.

Example: With this device in my jacket inner pocket, I can put my hand in the pocket, scratch the button 3-4 times (to avoid unexpected triggers) and then a realistic bee sound plays for 1-2 minutes just like there was a bee in my pocket.

[u]Here is my question[/u]:

What would be the cheapest equipment I could get to do the trick? (!) Knowing that my priority is to have a good sound quality, not loud but very realistic (especially for low frequencies).

BOARD: I found this board: https://store.arduino.cc/usa/arduino-mkrzero ($21.90) Is it good for what I need?

SPEAKERS: Can't find speakers. Do you have any advice?

BATTERY: Knowing it has to fit in a jacket pocket, what kind of battery component would you recommend? Would a AAA battery component be the best?

BUTTON: Found this little guy: https://store.arduino.cc/usa/grove-button-p ($2.50) Pretty sure it's exactly what I need, I might "upgrade" it a bit for it to be perfect.


Thank you already for those who read my post until there!

Thanks for your help! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here's what I'd use:

Class D Audio Amp 2 Mini Speakers Arduino Nano MP3 Player Battery Push Switch

Wow, that was quick! Thank you @Power_Broker, your list is super useful!

I have a few questions about your selection:


1- With the MP3 Player and the Class D Audio Amp, will the sound be "realistic" despite the fact that I'm using those 2 seemingly "basic" speakers you linked? Or should I aim for better speakers to get the sound quality I need (ie realistic low-frequency bee buzzing)?

2- Why 2 speakers by the way? :sweat_smile: Stereo?


3- The battery looks great in term of size, but how many times do you think it can play a 2min song before dying?

4- As I plan to travel with this device, ideally I should either have a regular AAA batteries component so I can replace them when they died or a rechargeable battery (via mini-USB for example). What is the best option in terms of weight and component cost in your opinion?

5- Sorry I couldn't find the info on the product page: does the Turnigy 1000mAh 2S 20C Lipo Pack HobbyKing RC Battery can recharged via mini-USB?

Thank you!! ;)

Try it, and see if it's realistic enough for you. I think getting a good quality recording of a bee in your pocket is going to be harder than reproducing that sound.

The DFplayer can drive a 3W 4Ohm speaker directly. No need for the extra amplifier.

Ahah good point on the recording :) I ordered everything so I can get my hands dirty!

Thank you @wvmarle for the advice on the amp.

I made a cat toy with a vibration motor in a paper bag, you jostle the bag, triggering a MPU, a few seconds later, the motor rattles the bag for a few seconds. period and repetition rate adjustable.

rather than mp3,amp, and speakers, you might consider a variation on the motor and bag trick. scares the crap out of the cats the first few times...

Ahah sounds like you’re having fun with your cat :slight_smile:

The device I want to make is not for a cat toy though, but I’ll check other sensor options too!