A "beep" sound on PC Serial Monitor.

Dear friends, good afternoon!
I'm using a "Touch Sensor" TTP223B.

When I touch it, normally I have a print on serial monitor like "touch".
When I depress, I have "no touch" or similar, for test purpouses.

The question is: is it possible to have a sound beep on serial monitor in lieu of a print line?
The sound has to play the same time I touch sensor.
I don't know if a command exists to have this on Arduino Uno R3.
If I touch sensor for one second, the sound has to play for one second too.

Thank you very much indeed.


Serial monitor will not recognize the bell character (0x07). Putty (download putty) is an alternative terminal that you can use in lieu of serial monitor. Putty will recognize the bell character and play the bell sound. Use Serial.write(0x07) to play the sound while connected with putty. This works on my XP machine.

this probably is not what you want, but is the only way that I know of without a extra program on the PC to make the sound when triggered by action on the serial port.

Thank you very much, groundfungus!
I appreciate.


Does that ring a bell?



Does that ring a bell?


It used to. I just tried it and it popped up some unknown dialog on Win-10