A better Approach for Creating Webserver displays

Hi, does anyone have or now of a better system that the manual approach like the code below?

Currently my weather station is a 7" win8.1 tablet as a display. It is very cramped so I have been granted approval by the boss for a 20" LCD in the living room and would like to expand the display to include a lot of other stuff.

But the manual coding, then test, then adjust, then test… like this is a real pain. Any helpful thoughts and suggestions? Is there something like Kompozer for creating the webpages. I am using a Mega for the base station/webserver combo, so memory (10% and 18%) is not yet a problem.

  cl.println("<font color=\"LightYellow\">");
      cl.print(humidIn); cl.print("</big></big>%<big><big>&nbsp;");  
      cl.print(tempWell); cl.print("/"); cl.print(tempWellLow);

You can design the html on some wysiwyg. Put the files on an sd card. The arduino can load the files and you can update data fields in the html with Ajax.

mistergreen: The arduino can load the files and you can update data fields in the html with Ajax.

Thanks. A few key words to search on would have helped. StartPage with

arduino load html file

That will get me started. Just mentioning in case someone else has the same problem.


example for Ajax is on there too.

If what you're doing is primarily a webserver, why on earth use an Arduino? Get a Raspberry Pi, and you can use a real webserver, like Apache, and have all the support and tools that come with a full Linux OS. Doing it with Arduino is just pure masochism...

Regards, Ray L.

Raspberry Pi has it advantages but a simple web server on an Arduino isn't so bad. Spending 8 hours to install Apache, or more specific (XAMPP), is a bit masochism too.