A bit of Nostalgia

This is a fun post no questions asked.
I just pried a Uno based control board from a 7+ year old project that was quite large. It has 532 lines of code. Now I have to remember what I was trying to do, then evaluate it to verify that it is doing what I want – thank god I used notes!!!
I’ve attached 2 photos

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The red boards are 16 - 1 Mux modules
the little green is a PWM to Analog converter
and yes it is a bit sloppy

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Yeah, and that you knew where they were. I make notes alla time, they around here somewhere. :expressionless:

I'm lucky if I can find the code in my never knew it would get so large folder of Arduino junk.


Fortunately I used imbedded notes
// like This

.........Component Side.............. Wire-wrapp Side.......

Even I am offered one million dollars, I can't make the above 32-yrs old 6802 based Microprocessor Learning Kit (my baby) functional; rather, I can make a new one!


you win!

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