A bit of pride.

I know I am not the only parent here, and just wanted to take a moment and post this note, as I wait in a pub down the street, as my son has his first job interview, doing technical drafting as part of his senior year cooperative education.

As a father and a geek, very few things have ever made me more proud, as he got out of the car and went in to interview for drafting A/V system wiring. Sure, it is part time and barely above minimum wage. It makes the 'old man' pretty damn proud anyway....

Even prouder that the interview went well, he got the job.

Why do I simultaneously feel so proud, and SO old... Lol

Congrat's old man.

Cool - now he can spend his own money for all that junk he wants to buy... Gonna charge him rent? Nice way to augment your toy budget...