A Bug in Find/Replace function in Arduino IDE?

Hello all. I think I just stumbled across the bug in Arduino IDE/Editor while using the find/replace function. I have tried to replace some old text that I copied from older versions. I have pressed Find button and for each text that was found I have replaced it with appropriate text that was in “Replace With”. No problems so far. After that I pressed the “Replace” button and the text was just pasted over and over again into the text as if there was something to replace when in fact there was nothing to replace. Editor was in face just adding the same text from “replace with” every time this button was pressed. Is this how this function was supposed to work? is this a bug? Or am I just being silly user here?
One feature I miss in Arduino Editor is themes! White background while editing is killing my eyes.
Regards Nik

Yup just tried.

Selected some random text in my sketch, opened find 'n' replace, entered random text into 'replace' text box and hit replace. the Sketch selection was replaced with the random string even though nothing was found ( and 'find' had no text in it at all ).

I use an external editor and not the IDE for editing text. It's one of the options in preferences.

You can use any editor you like and the IDE just uses the latest saved version of the file when you ask it to verify or upload.

I'm using Ubuntu and Gedit as my editor.


Apart from mentioing it in a thread here, have you looked (used the less-than-perfect-and-rather-slow search function on this forum) if others have reported the issue before? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I can confirm the behaviour. What should/could you do next?

Find the Arduino project in GitHub (there are some links somewhere on the main site) There is a list of open issues. It may already be known. If it is not you can open a new bug so "they" know it when they make the 1.1 (or 1.0.6) version. Or state that 2.0 (based on the 1.5 beta next gen version) will be used. Yes, it means you contribute a small amount of work with all this checking and following up, and you can make sure it is a constructive bug report. 8)

Hey, if you're good at this Git, Java etc stuff, you can even put the code fix in there and issue a "pull". (Far beyond my skills - my Git and Java skills are basic) If nothing else, you can see that it is not just "a small piece" of software that needs correcting. :grin:

Please post it on github as an issue - GitHub - arduino/Arduino: open-source electronics platform -

If you cannot do this, let me know

I posted an issue for this bug here: Find and replace utility functions incorrectly. · Issue #2106 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub