A ceiling silhouette projector

Hi guys,

I finished my first project with the Arduino and my CCShield LED driver. Its basically a 70-LED fader device that projects glowing colors onto the ceiling. You can put a piece of paper with shapes cut out on top to display shapes. Its a great nightlight for my son!

It has a few pots to control various settings and an push button switch that puts the Arduino into and out of standby mode. I was unable use interrupts to kick the arduino out of anything but the lowest sleep mode…even with the code supplied in the playground. Has anyone had luck with the “deeper” Arduino sleep modes?

It uses 2 M5451 chips to actually drive the LEDs.

And because I wanted to actually reuse my Arduino for another project, it uses a $2 breadboard Arduino I got from nkc-electronics, and then just populated it with the (through-hole) AVR, headers and clock. This seemed to be the cheapest way to get a shield-compatible Arduino for “permanent” installation.

I left the back open so you can see the electronics because I used “open hardware” to build it :slight_smile:

You can take a look here.

Please excuse the video, I’m no cinematographer!

I love the idea, and that Tiger wood looks awesome.