A challengeing challenge for anyone

Background story:
I am working on a project that allows a person to controll a tv with the tilt of a hand based on arduino. I wanted to fit it into a large ring. Instantly i came across the road block of size, and eaisly powering it. I will show my design after i finish it.

Build a arduino that is no more then 1cm by 1cm by 0.5cm or can fit into a bulky ring. You do not have to make the board (unless this is abused), but must have a design that should work.

-Must fit in stated limits
-Must be based on the Atmega xx8
-Must have a way to program
-Must be self powering (allow for avarage current of of 10-100uA, you could use a tiny necular plant for all I care, I reccomend tiny solar cells)
-Must have acess to pins needed for purpose
-Must use internal/external 8Mhz ossilater for low power usage.
-May or May not be desinged for just one purpose
-You can leave out pins you don’t need for the purpose of the board

Thing that goes at the end:
It is possibale, just hard.
Good luck, my entry is coming soon.
Pardon any mistakes.
The person who makes the best board gets bragging rights.

Note: If you can find a reasonable way to charge it and store the power until its needed while staying within the size limits, go ahead.

Build a arduino that is no more then 1cm by 1cm by 0.5cm or can fit into a bulky ring. You do not have to make the board (unless this is abused), but must have a design that should work.

Well the 328p is about 1 x 1 cm in size so…

There are ones smaller.

Damn, seriously? Can you point in the right direction (I haven’t seen any smaller before, so this is news to me) for personal interest?

Ya, just one second, let me go grab the link.

I dont know the exact size, but im pretty sure its less than a thumbnail, probally ardound a pinkey nail.
I think its 7mm by 7mm
Here is a picture:

Ah yes. One of the packages for that chip was sized at about 4mm x 4mm. That’s impressive. Perhaps something can be done to meet your challenge. :sunglasses:

Well, that’s a very interesting package (MLF) - very small; but I doubt you could hand fabricate such a device (ok, my old hands couldn’t do it, maybe some younger person with steadier hands and better eyesight could crack it). You might be able to do an SMD reflow for it - I’m really not sure how you could actually build this thing as a “one off”, if you wanted to stay in the size limits…

I would certainly love to see someone successfully do it, though!

Once i design my ring, im going to have a buddy build it.
The dude is good, he desinged and built a device that that measures atomic movements of down to two angstroms.
If anyone can build it, it would be him.

Im turing the parts of the ring that don’t have the board in it into a 5F 5v cap, and using a very tiny solar cell to charge it while not in use.

I’d say a hot-air station would handle that package. I’ve done a digital compass package and an acc. of similar packages (the compass was larger, the accelerometer was a bit larger as well) using hot-air.

That would be what I would do, but the tiny size leads me to hire a proffesional.

Im making some progress in the general layout, and the really tiny solar cells are on their way. The put out 4 volts at a really low current, but it will be given time between uses. I have changed my mind to using it as an acess device, it will be able to sap some power from the acess termnial. Now I need to find a semi/fully opaque “stone” that passes IR. Heck, if i can make a terminal where the stone is in complete darkness, I could use the solar cell as the senser.