A computer show from a long time ago

In the early days of computers in the UK the BBC Micro computer was the pinnacle of technology and the video camera had been shrunk to the size of a single box about the same size as a shoe box. Combine the two and you have a video of a computer show designed to cater for this one computer. Ah we were all so young in those days:-


Sorry, I only made it about a minute in a half in....


I KNOW THAT MIKE GUY THOUGH! I know a Tv show dude!

Stephen Spielberg, eat your heart out.

You didn't look all that grumpy then Mike.

Love the "Portable BBC", didn't we call them "luggables".

I can't believe those queues, it must be in England.


I only made it about a minute in a half in

Yes the intro was supposed to be cheesy and over the top.

didn't we call them "luggables".

We did in deed when they were a bit older than you see them in the video.

You didn't look all that grumpy then Mike.

No that was before computers and students and children took their tole.

Two things, note how people reacted when seeing a video camera, most of them didn't recognise it as such. The other is how some people smoked inside, it is amazing to think how odd this looks now after a few years of not being permitted to do it.

how people reacted when seeing a video camera,

Yes, most just stared at it, presumably wondering what the hell it was. I think I heard someone saying "Is that a camera?" or similar in the background.

I encountered a queue worse than that at Wembley once (model engineering show in 1978), I will not normally stand in a queue > 5 people and was about to turn around and leave when a janitor stuck his head out a door, he spotted me, called me over and let me in through the toilets.

Seeing that show is partly what got me into electronics.



The early days of geekery in the UK.

As a teenager (probably 1981 ish) I uses to take my Sinclair Mk14 (self soldered) to a brilliant home computing meet in Stourbridge in the midlands. Anyone else go to those?

Lots of people making their own s100 bus computers and such like.

And the young people of today think they have invented Hackerspaces and the art of building something yourself ... thi hi ... :) 8)

Ahhhh, Nostalgia...........



ACC :)


I have a few copies, somewhere.

My answer was too brief. My early experiences with computer shows was via DECUS, the Digital Equipment Corporation User Society, and I meant to hold them up as an older show and as an early example of "open source" (their software sharing goes back to at least 1969, and had the motto "Steal from your friends.")

DECUS was the first I went to. I remember two things : 95% men and 5% women... well it was 1977'ish somewhere in the UK. The women got to dance all night. I enjoyed the bar instaed, as a consequnce. The second was that if you brought your own reel of 1"tape (600bpi I think), you could get some copies of some good source (f.ex: driver extensions to RT11, apps, "games") sometrimes several MB of data! Oh, yes, plenty of technical stuff but I cant remember any of it. It may be out of date by now. :)