A connected keyboard that can translate input into multiple different languages

Full project info including demo video

Using the Yun, I have built a circuit that interfaces with a USB keyboard and can translate a user's input into multiple different languages and pass the translation on to a PC.

See the demo video here.

A USB keyboard is connected to the Yun through it's USB socket, and the Yun is connected to a PC through its micro USB socket. A circuit consisting of an LED, pushbutton, and 4 position rotary switch is also connected to the Yun.

The user is able to type in words and sentences on the keyboard, and the characters they type are passed through the Yun and onto the PC. Then, depending on what setting the rotary switch is on, they are able to hit enter to have their words/sentences erased and replaced with their translation into a different language.

This works because as the user it typing, the Yun is also storing the characters into a long string. When the user hits enter this string is translated to a different language using Microsoft's Translator API, which is easily accessible with Temboo. The initial characters that were passed to the PC are erased and the newly translated string is automatically typed in its place.

This was a pretty fun project to work on since it got me working more with Temboo and the keyboard functionality of the Yun. In the demo I have it translating between Spanish, German, and Korean, but there are tons of other languages availble through Microsoft's API.