A cool and worth value servo

uArm team recently launched a new servo - uServo, now can be ordered with a discount price.
Looks cool. uServo link

But it can only be shipped until late Jan. :frowning:

But it can only be shipped until late Jan. :frowning:

What will people do after that date?


$80.00?! That's not very cost effective (and no word on the internals - metal gear? Dual ball bearings on the output shaft? Coreless?)...sigh.

I understand it's a new product, but I honestly don't know why one of the major RC servo manufacturers won't release a standard servo with a 4-pin connector, with the fourth pin for potentiometer output (properly buffered to reduce noise/interference/etc - ie, similar to the standard pot hack, just better implemented).

Have two connectors for daisy chaining, and make the four pin connector set up in such a fashion that when the pot output and the signal connector are bridged, it flips over to serial-i/o mode (or back to standard mode), so you can have multiple servos on a bus.

Make the four-pin connector standard to regular servo connectors, so that a three-pin extension can still be plugged in and it can be used like a regular servo.

Finally - extend the output shaft (or have as an option to do so) out the other side, and support both ends with bearings/bushings.

Yeah - I guess that's a lot to ask - but I would just like to see an evolution of the standard servo that places it somewhere between a regular servo, and that of a "smart digital bus" servo - all the while being a lower cost alternative (if they can sell such a servo in standard size, and sell it for about 20 dollars - it would get my attention and a lot of other people's, too).

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I don't think that I will be buying or even looking at anything from uArm team.