A couple of DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Questions

I just received the DS18B20 today and want to begin testing this. However, I am confused about a few things before I even begin.

Let me start by saying that I got this particular version of the sensor from Adafruit: https://www.adafruit.com/products/381 which has the wire extension and is waterproofed.


  1. There are 4 wires and not 3 like all documentation points to (Red, Black, Yellow, Exposed copper)
  2. What are each of these wires' functions?
  • I'm assuming Yellow is ground?
  • Red - DQ or VDD?
  • Black - DQ or VDD?
  • Exposed copper - ????

I was a little confused by these colors and the Exposed Copper wire


From the technical details tab on the site's page:

Four wires - Red connects to 3-5V, Black connects to ground and White is data. The copper wire is soldered to the wire shielding

Wow, I feel really stupid. Thanks.

I guess I was so impatient I completely overlooked it.


I guess the next question is: What do I do with the copper wire? Should I just ground that?

You would earth ground it if that is in your system. If not, then dc ground is OK. -fab