A couple of new Arduino jobs!

Hi guys,

We got a whole bunch of new job posts coming in ... check it!

Prototype development – internet of things http://jobs.arduinoexperts.com/jobs/prototype-development-internet-of-things/

Arduino Expert in London for product Prototype http://jobs.arduinoexperts.com/jobs/arduino-expert-in-london-for-product-prototype/

LED POV full color http://jobs.arduinoexperts.com/jobs/led-pov-full-color/

Prototype design using HID USB Host and multiple XBee receivers http://jobs.arduinoexperts.com/jobs/prototype-design-using-hid-usb-host-and-multiple-xbee-receivers/

Arduino PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT http://jobs.arduinoexperts.com/jobs/arduino-prototype-development/

Arduino fashion project http://jobs.arduinoexperts.com/jobs/arduino-expert/


Rob @arduinoexperts

I like the sound of the chicken feeder job, but IMO it’s too big for one person to do in a reasonable time frame.