A curved digital clock

Hey peeps,

I’m looking at making a wooden digital clock much like these http://for-sale.yowcow.com/wooden-led-clock

I’m experimenting with the shape of the clock as a tall cylinder instead of cube. A flat led display will not be able to lie close enough to the surface of the clock, as the clock is curved it would result in a blurred image.

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction in making or purchasing a curved display whether it’s a 4 digit, 7 segment type or even a mini flexible led matrix. It’s to fit inside a cylinder with a diameter of roughly 12cm.

Any input on this project will be much appreciated!


Those pictures look suspiciously Photoshopped to me.

They show the wood grain extending not only over the sections between the segments, but across the unlit segments as well. It would certainly be possible using skilled inlay techniques, to mount acrylic "light pipe" segments flush to the wooden surface, but what is depicted is quite unreal.

Unless perhaps there is a standard clock display inlaid into the front panel and a "woodgrain" transparency is applied over the whole surface.

Now if you did incorporate displays into the front surface of a vertical cylinder, you would severely compromise the viewing angle.

Are you sure you really want to do this?

you could use a LCD display with 72 degree angle of viewing and turn down the intensity so reflection does not kill the viewabilty

that is just and idea though some displays are better some MFG lie about the angle of view as well. I would ask people what display offers the best angle of view before you cant see it and works well with ardunio .

if you get the best combination then you should not have an issue if you get a high quality clear poly carbonate pipe, the smallest I have bought it in is 8' lengths the longest I have had to buy it in is 20'; this is because of the seller.

be careful it will fracture as far as 2 feet while cutting it, I found the bet way to cut it was to put a circular saw blade on backwards and cut it that way. Don't clamp the pipe have some holding it with you it can save you some money. the larger the more brittle.

iteadstudio offers flex PCBs, can use with SMD LEDs. http://imall.iteadstudio.com/open-pcb/pcb-prototyping.html

How big of a digit/s are you looking for?

Hey! I have a similar clock to that, but the digits are around 2 inches tall. Dissecting the clock (I couldn't help myself), it's not a 7 segment display at all, just a collection of LEDs illuminating through a 7-segment-style cut wood panel. The wood veneer is thin enough that the light shines through. Anyway, a curved one would be awesome! You should build one! But just use 7 LEDS for illumination rather than a 7 segment.