A digital input could be used also as an Interrupt later in the code?

It is possible to know when an interrupt pin is on High when the interrupt is set to trigger on FALLING? Ok let me explain why I need this, I have a couple of Arduinos, some of them in my application are masters and others are slaves. The code inside each Arduino will behave different on each case. I programed an interrupt on pin2 (my last available input) that when FALLING it triggers a function, I need to use the SAME pin when my program is booting (in the setup void) to read which value is on the pin2, because slaves when booting have the pin2 connected to a clock signal that is in LOW and Masters have this pin always connected to VCC. So in a few words, when booting if pin2 is LOW I’m Slave and I need pin2 now to become a interrupt, but if the value is HIGH I’m Master and I don’t need pin2 as an interrupt. So is possible to declare pin2 as an digital input on setup void, read the value, store it and then redeclare the pin2 as an interrupt? Thanks!

You can do this, the pin is an input either way so just read it.