A dude from a new on this

Hi for all. I am a sound-designer and electronic live musician.
I am working with pure data and like to use some external phisicall controllers like position, movement, velocity, etc.

The question is that I am not an expert in electronic, just a little like solder, use the tester…

Id like to know if there is a little “package” to buy that includes the Arduino USB boards with 4 o 5 common sensors like the ones I told before…in order to easily plug and control the Pure Data patches nad dont be involved in low level programming and engineer terms.

Thanks a lot. Fabian Kesler. fkesler@hotmail.com


I don’t know of any package, but you can usually buy the parts you need at a local electronics store.
Arduino is a platform for learning and prototyping rather than a packaged product, which means that a little struggle with learning is built-in!


Ok and thanks…but I think there are a lot of people like me…by the way I have various friends that could buy in same conditions as me.

Could not be a good idea that Arduino or another enterprise sell some package like that for common musicians-producers-composers who dont have those low level programming and electronic kwnoledge?

If exists…could you t ell me about it?

Thanks a lot!

Well, actually there are numerous packages as the ones you describe (i.e. La kitchen’s Kroonde and toaster, I-cubex, Electrotap’s teabox, etc.) but in my experience they work mostly as a “quickfix”. Usually the interactions that you define require you to adapt all the technical components.

The difference in prices between the arduino and these systems is HUGHE!!!, and you are tied to their sensors, usually you can’t add your own and if you can you still need to know basic electronics.

If you are using PD instead of another comercial “ready made” software then chances are you are designing your own processing algorithms and the way things relate to eachothers. I would recommend you to give it a try and learn the arduino, you will have to invest some time but will save a lot of money and will be able to get more “custom” results.