A FastLED matrix animation for you

Hi guys,

just some code for you to play with. Tested on a Teensy 3.2 with a 16x16 matrix so far but it should work with any matrix size / controller. On 8 bit AVRs it might be a bit slow, but it should work anyway.

This is how the animation looks like.

It´s a noise field that is completely modulated by itself.
A pretty vivid and alive animation - a self-fertilizing one! :wink:
Sometimes I can feel the animation breathing… wondering where to go next.

No external paramerters are used, not even millis(). This animation is based on only one single noise layer. And it takes not much code at all.

Questions? Ask!



Good Job, this Script is very nice. I always search for animations for my LED-Table. And this is a very beautiful, because it looks nice and its slow enough, that it's not anoying. Thank you.

Like it!
On my mood lamp I'm designing it looks like a Lava Lamp.
Matrix is circular 10x10 with a 3D printed defuse cover over it.


Very cool!