A few Arduino projects I've made

I work with both Arduino and Netduino, so I list all. Pick your poison. Servo Control: http://abiro.com/w/2011/08/19/arduino-servo-control/ MIDI Remote: http://abiro.com/w/2011/08/19/arduino-midi-remote-2/ MIDI Touch Control: http://abiro.com/w/2011/08/01/netduino-touch-the-screen/ Distance and Motion Sensing: http://abiro.com/w/2011/08/01/netduino-in-distant-motion/ MIDI over Web: http://abiro.com/w/2011/02/14/midi-over-lan-kind-of/ RGB LED Control over Web: http://abiro.com/w/2011/02/12/netduino-remote-control/ RGB LED Control: http://abiro.com/w/2011/02/12/the-power-of-abstraction/

Inspiring ! I like the MIDI - remote

It took approximately 10 hours to make from handdrawn idea to boxed working prototype (including soldering the Freeduino and prototype boards and developing the software). Admittedly that was due to a bet, that I lost (I thought I would make it even faster).

I use the IRRemote library and my own MIDI software.

It's actually quite useful, but the video doesn't give it credit. I'll make a better one some day.

There's a better (relatively speaking) video now.

I especially liked the IR remote project