A few days ago I built a car with a children's motor

A week ago I was able to finish assembling the car with engine for my cousin, it was very interesting.
Adapting a motorcycle engine to a go-kart with a is a project that, although complicated, can be achieved with simple hand tools and a good plan. It is a good idea to prevent young children from playing a motorcycle on a go-kart with the engine, simply because they could easily hurt themselves. For responsible adults, however, emotion is intoxicating. Choose in principle a small motorcycle engine of 250 cubic centimeters to 500 cubic centimeters of a single cylinder, or a two-cylinder engine in parallel that are easy to get in local motorcycle scrap yards, usually with the transmission that is included in the purchase price. More powerful engines, such as V-parallels, are too powerful for this, since they require additional structural support and the construction of a cage.

is there a reason or Arduino related part to your post ?

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