a few new projects

I have been building a number of project models for my Capstone semester in architecture. I started with some simple prototypes using IR and photos sensors, linking into firefly on the second one. after that, I focused on sound level capture and manipulatable seating. the culmination project uses openFrameworks on the pc to feed data via the serial port to an arduino which runs some easy drivers controlling the steppers which power the movement in the model. Sorry there isn't much more info here, the videos I created of the projects cover most of the details.

Please check out the videos and let me know what you think



He he … cool stuff. Here you go, I embedded them 4u <3

model for an interactive seating installation from erik l on Vimeo.

dynamic shape modeler from erik l on Vimeo.

infared sensor controlling a servo actuated pivot from erik l on Vimeo.

A model for an interactive sound attenuating ceiling from erik l on Vimeo.

[flux]gram interactive architecture model from erik l on Vimeo.

Initial Model of wall planes responding to user movement from erik l on Vimeo.

Sry 4 excess codes, just copypasted.

Thanks karlboll, it does make it easier to find them separately. I wanted to post them here because the one thing familiar to all of them is the arduino board. Otherwise it's just been an attempt to integrate lots of types of sensors and movement into various new pieces. Nothing like prototyping!

hey bigE

you have some interesting stuff there... I find the dynamic modelling one especially intreaguing. I am unfamiliar with all the insects in your pipeline though :-D ... do you think you could use the same method you use for importing data into Maya? If so, could you point me in the right direction of getting something similar set up?

I think its really brilliant


As a musician and sound-quality-snob I also really like the idea of surface which reacts to sound. I can think of several venues / public places which need such a thing.

The wall size thing is also cool, though I dont see the practical application as emmediate as I do with the sound reactive sealing. You may want to http://www.openni.org/ & kinect for that, as they have some really stable algorithms for tracking people. Think you may get faster and better results with it than with regular computer vision.


anyway. Inspiring stuff. thanks for sharing.

the dynamic modeling one is actually pretty straight forward. Unfortunately this is using the firefly plugin http://www.fireflyexperiments.com/ which only works in Rhino's Grasshopper plugin. I thought maya has a capability to bring in data but I am unfortunately not familiar with the techniques required, sorry. If there is a way, possibly the firmata functionality running over the serial port would work? just a thought.

the sound ceiling is a pretty fun one, I would love to install one full scale to really experience how it would behave.

The walls should have some applications in the future but for now it's more a research project, presenting this to people so they can experience interactive architecture at a full scale. I hope in the future for other people to see this and come to be with "hey, I have an idea........" I hope to see more interactivity in architecture in the future. the webcam and openCV is working pretty well for me at this point, as all I am doing is counting the number of users but in the future if I want more vector and moving tracking, I may consider moving to a kinect model for the motion tracking. thanks for the link.