A function to write several digital outputs at once (C++ level)

Nice opt, too. Considering HIGH and LOW as 1 and 0. Thanks

Thing is, it's so simple that anyone who can figure out how to use it, can write it themselves in about one minute. I'm not criticizing your work, per se. But I have to burst your illusions of beneficence. You haven't really created any disruptive technology here. Just some mundane I/O code that doesn't really do anything special. At least, that is what it would be to most programmers.

I am afraid that there is a lot of code on the Web using massive and non-elaborated digitalWrites, and that simple code would be nice to help educate young inexperienced people learning Arduino.

Of course, it is not addressed to professional programmers, whether they have the imagination and the desire to share this type of simple code.or not.

This seems a forum for sharing, learning, educating and having fun, not for creating disruptive technology.

If it had a body. But this is just a disembodied head. There are no comments, external documentation or tutorial commentary to make it useful to a beginner.

Do you have a smart proposal to handle digital outputs at once in C++?

Yes, I think it could be useful.
What would be needed to make a smart proposal?

Many thanks