A Gaming Controller project question

Alrighty, so i got an idea about making a controller in a different orientation than the standard ones we use for most gaming. Still same amount of joysticks/buttons. So 2 joysticks and approximately 12 buttons(x,y,b,a,rb,rt,Lb,Lt,4 on d-pad) just in different locations.

But my question is what board should i use that would allow me to connect all of that? I thought about the Pro Micro but does it have enough pins and/or how do you hook up that many buttons to it? Do you know any tutorials that would show me? Should i use certain shields to make it easier? Im very new at this and just thought this would be a cool project but i could use some help on it. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, good idea. The Micro should be perfect for that.

Also look for Ben Heck on Youtube. He has made a lot of custom controllers for unusual applications like one-handed operation.

What Arduino Pro Micro? Arduino site lists none so there is no pin count.

A button needs an IO pin and ground. All buttons can share ground. 12 buttons can be on 12 IO pins or wired as a matrix using 7 IO pins and 12 diodes.

You have enough analog pins to add at least two rotaries or pots/sliders.