A giant steam of at least 15 characters

A giant step for the forum.

Forward or back?

I see

I cannot see who posted a question.

I cannot see who last responded nor when.

I cannot pick up threads I’ve contributed to.


I do not yet know how to configure it so it does display this information.

I’ll save this in drafts while I look around to see if it’s me or the new system.

Oh, wait, I cannot save my draft message, hmmm.


Hi @alto777 would you mind providing a more detailed description about these things so we can understand the problems better?:

Drafts are automatically saved as you type so there is no longer any need to manually save them. When you return to the thread, it will be there again.

I don’t know how to clarify.

A listing now is

title avatar # duration

so… a picture, not a name. I do recognize a few avatars, like a pizza (mmm, pizza) but names go further.

There is no thing that says who responded last, or when.

I have yet to see a real date or time… just elapsed time in days or minutes. I prefer dates and times to a relative duration. Call me lazy, I just don’t like having to deal with “two days ago”. I don’t like “yesterday” or “today” in my file lists either. Dates. Times.

I have not seen the same little indicator that shows me thread I have written to.

Yes, perhaps all the same information is available but so far the work factor involved is burdensome. All the same information should be manifest in the thread list directly.

I do hope these are not inherent limitations from the Discourse software and the UI can be improved.

As for automatic draft saving, I am looking forward to seeing if that actually works and instills the same level of confidence that pushing a “save draft” button affords… I tend to prefer not having things be automatic. Automatic things bite me eventually.

And give me back the whole screen and a “preview” button. The real time right hand column is disconcerting and a waste of space.


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Thanks for the clarification. I understand exactly what you mean now: