A (hopefully) simple question

Hello, first off, a disclaimer: I'm a huge noob at this stuff but I'm trying my best to learn it.
Now for the question: can I hook up a button on an arduino so that when I press it it makes a square in visual basic move up? I would like to be abe to use it kind of like a video game controler of sorts. Thanks in advance for any help.

a square in visual basic


Arduino can read a button and output commands via the serial port to something else.

I apologize for not being specific enough. What I mean is that if I push a button on the arduino an object in visual basic will move. such as a picture box or label.

Visual Basic is a programming language.

IF you can get or write the VB program then the Arduino side is of equal or lesser difficulty.

That makes sense, thanks for the help

Yes, that can be done.

For an Uno and the likes, you need your VB application to read the serial port and if certain data is received you can move the control. Your Uno can e.g. send "up", the VB app received it, sees that it's "up" and can then move the control up. With a second button, you can e.g. send "down"

If you use e.g. a Leonardo or Micro, it can act like a mouse.