A licensing/documenting issue is blocking Arduino IDE >1.0.5 from Debian, Ubuntu


If what I gather is correct, this licensing and documentation issue is blocking Arduino IDE versions newer than 1.0.5 from entering Debian and derivatives, including Ubuntu. I think this is a unfortunate, since Ubuntu is quite popular and I think also has similar values as Arduino. If I am not mistaken, also RasPi also has consequences because of this.

The comments seem to suggest that this can be solved by changing the documentation and perhaps splitting the Debian package to free and non-free. Has someone reading this investigated further?

I hope this sad wolf will receive fresh Arduino soon :slight_smile: (newest Ubuntu version is called Wily Werewolf)

Meanwhile, I updated the page about how to install Arduino on Ubuntu so that hopefully people will find it easier to either install Arduino via the package management system (version 1.0.5), or by downloading manually from the Arduino website and maintaining their own software manually (versions >1.0.5).

Speaking of licensing, that image includes "©2007-2015 PaPeRDoLLLL". Are you the photographer? If not, do you have permission to use that image?