A little guidance with a RF POCSAG reciever / decoder

Hey there, I currently have set up a POCSAG decoder, using a SDR TV Stick with my raspberry pi, I was wanting to do something similar with an arduino / similar.

End result is that I'm wanting something similar to a pager, portable or not, doesn't really matter.

I'm currently recieving from a channel in the 140-145Mhz range.

Hell if there's a bit of hardware you know of that can receive a pocsag signal, and send the string over serial, I'm also down for that.

Current hardware:

Teensy 3.1, 3.2 (72 MHz) Arduino Goldilocks (20MHz)

Hi - I used to design pagers ( the RF bit ) for Phillips years ago....

there are quite a few makers of suitable receivers - just try searching on 'POCSAG receiver' ... I take it you don't want to design your own from scratch?



Hey mate. Thanks for the reply.

I'm really just looking for any viable solution. If I make it or not, It doesn't matter too much to myself, fun either way to be completely honest. It's either finding out what the reciever chip in pagers are or make it out of jelly beans.

I've no clue what direction I'm going for actually getting signal. RF is magic as far as i know ;)

Digital crystal is to be used. That's about as far as I got..

Thanks for the search term, see what I can find..