A little help please

int adconv = A0;// adconverter input pin
int voltage = 0;// set to 0 the value of io input
int count = 0;// integer for the voltsarray

void setup()
Serial.begin(9600);// initialize the terminal screen
count == 0;

void loop()
if (count < 10);// were gonna read the analog to digital convertor
{voltage = analogRead(adconv); delay(10); count ++;}// read the voltage then add 1 to the counter by increment of count
Serial.println(count); //print the voltage on pin A0 to the terminal

Why does Serial.println(count) continually run? It should count to 10 then reset and start again but it just continually runs. This is just a test snippet so the comments may not be accurate for the short sketch. Tnx in advance.

if (count < 10);

Get rid of the ;

count == 0;

Man I thought that had to have that semicolon. Gees I knew it had to be something simple. Ive played with this for 24 hrs. Thank you so much.

And you don't need that second "=" symbol.

When learning a new language, you need to read up on its syntax.

As for c and c++ , Im 62 lol but Ill try.

And don't try that "I'm 62" crap, young fella.