A little toolbox

Here is a little toolbox i made for myself, because i dont like cmd and avrdude :) Program is still in beta so any feedback is appreciated.

Basicly it enables user to read of write flash and eeprom memory of an development board like mega2560 without bugging with commands and avrdude.

Use at own risk :D

Download here!

Looks good unfortunately - “Download here” - links to the picture :slight_smile:

All I get is a SPAM screen for a quick survey :( Thanks, Think I'll stick to commandline avrdude ..... Why not zip the app or source and attach it to a post?

PS, the link in your first post still points to the image - you can press modify on the right side to repair this.

This would probably look like a legitimate utility if the signature didn't scream "SPAM."


Sorry for SPAM/ bad download link(had some problems with forum acc), now everything is OK :wink:
Hope you will find this program helpful.