A logic analyzer in a CD player EZ-DUB?


i am an amateur in electronics and i like disassemble devices not used to see if there is any recovery possible. I had a Liteon EZ-HUB recorder dating from 2005 that trailed in the closet.

I started to dismantle it and discovered a chip (CY7C68013A). This is good because i ordered the JTAG (USB Blaster Altera) to try to understand and i often read people using a logic analyzer to make the JTAG more "universal".

I ordered a cheap logic analyzer but i wonder from curiosity if this module discovered could also work as a generic module sold on the net or built by experimented ?

When i compare the generic module and the one that is in the EZ-DUB, i see that the same components are used, only i am too amateur to understand exactly.

I could follow in the footsteps to reverse engineer but i am too amateur to be sure. If a man on the ground could enlighten me on this subject i could manage to understand without problem.

Here are the schema found on the net, it seems to correspond with the module, the same chrystal of 24MHz, the same memory the At24c128, the outputs, the chip AMS1117 …
I really wanted to use it with Arduino ... with the USB blaster but I do not know if I dream :).

Thank you in advance for any information, advice and lighting,



I started the reverse engineering amateur my way, seeing see where it will end :slight_smile: i keep hope but my skill at this level is very low,

I continue and share the result of my adventure, thank you for the reading.

As far as I can see, your device is named EZ-DUB (As in, "easy dubbing"(duplicating), not 'HUB' ...

Your device is based off of the FX2 ATA reference design.

If you reprogram the EEPROM, you could make it into a logic analyser, yes - but only do this if you think it's worth your time. Logic-analysers based off of the same chip can be had for around $10 on the interwebs.

// Per.

Hello Zapro thanks for your information. I edit the title by Dub instead of Hub, I thought it may be possible to use it without modification and being too amateurish to write on Eeprom I will leave this matter to quote. Thank you again and Karma for your help, cordially.

Well you are on Arduino-forum, so i guess you have an Arduino at least?

With that, you can write the EEPROM so it enumerates like a logic analyser.

But again, what is the point of all this? - I would guess if you had a need for a logic analyser, reprogramming the EEPROM would be the least of your worries.

// Per.

Hello dear Zapro,

thank you for your help, i have an arduino and i even have a module AVR JTAG with 10 pins. My goal is to use this module as logical analyzers as simple as possible.

The project is to use (if possible) with a homemade oscilloscope using a Stm32 tft 2.4 and lm339 as a bonus a bmp280 for the temperature ... multiScope | Hackaday.io

I am too amateur to succeed alone but I will try to look for "how to write on a eeprom "CY7C68013A" Thank you for giving me hope, I will do research,


Dear, very dear Zapro you are too strong,

Thank you very much for your guidance, hope now reigns :slight_smile: Thanks to your words rather accurately i think it will be possible to find an example of writing on Eeprom. fx2lafw - sigrok Thank you very much, the work starts now, I respect you Zapro Thank you.