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I'am newbie, but trying to make a energy monitor for a building that saves the data on a SD card.

How can i connect about 170 SCT 013 sensors to arduino?

Thanks a lot

What arduino do you have? Roughly 6 sensors per arduino UNO.

rafaelvnq: How can I connect about 170 SCT 013 sensors to Arduino?

With great difficulty.

You need to buy the modules with which they are intended to be used.

Not an easy project for a beginner!

Have you successfully connected a single sct013 sensor to an Arduino and recorded the data to SD card? If not, this should be your first goal. Next, you can try 6 sensors. Each sensor will need its own load resistor and biasing resistors. It may be possible to share the biasing resistors with multiple sensors. Each sensor will be connected to a separate Arduino analog pin. (Most Arduino like Uno have only 6 analog input pins.) When you have 6 sensors working and recording their data correctly the SD card, then you are ready for the next step.

You may be able to use 74hc4067 analog multiplexers. These should enable you to connect 16 sensors to a single Arduino analog pin. If you use 6 X 74hc4067, with one connected to each analog pin, you can then connect 96 sensors. The 4 address select pins of all 6 chips can be connected together and controlled by 4 Arduino digital output pins. You cannot connect the sensor directly to the multiplexer chip. You need a load resistor and bias resistors and cap for each sensor. The output from that circuit can be connected to the multiplexer chip.

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For 170 sensors, the simplest option may be to use an Arduino Mega and 11 X 74hc4067. It may be possible to use the ENable pins on the 74hc4067 to connect 2 chips to the same analog pin on Uno.

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Very thanks for the Help. I Will try to make the Arduino load And store in sd Card a simple sensor First.