A lot of wireless transmissions in one setup


I am currently looking into the feasibility of a project where i would have 6 Arduinos with XBees talking to one Arduino/XBee connected to a computer. Each of those 6 XBees would transmit button state changes within a range of approx. 100 feet / 30 meters.

However, i need to use this in combination with 6 wireless headphones, that all should receive discrete channels (no mirroring) within the same range (100 feet, 30 meters) and 6 wireless microphones.

That is a lot of wireless stuff going through the air. Does anyone have experience with using this, and what kind of problems can i expect (interference)?
From what i understand XBee Pro works around 2.4 MHz and wireless mics work around 680 MHz, so they probably don’t interfere (?), but what about the headphones? Can you even have six wireless headphones in one room, all with discrete channels? And what kind of reaction time would there be between any transmitting XBee and the receiver?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

That does seem like a lot of wireless transmission in one location but you should be able to pull it off if you make sure each device is connected to the corresponding one and they all have proper ids... Hope this helped :)

Cheers! Mr_E