A micro CT device on Cardiac Gating for mouse


I read about AD-8232 heart rate sensor to monitor the heartbeat of humans. I am working on a cardiac gating project and so i am in search of a sensor which can measure the heartbeat of mouse(600 bpm in active state and 240-300 bpm when injected with anaesthesia).

Can AD-8232 work for mouse also?
Is there any other sensor i can use ?

Please help !!

Did you read the datasheet ? The bandwith of the input is 1kHz. There are also some graphs in the datasheet, for example gain according to frequency.
It has an analog output. Do you want to send that data to the computer and show it on the serial plotter ? What will you do with that data ?

Yes i want to send that data to the computer and how it on a serial plotter to get the waveform. I will use this further for gating which can help in improving image resolution.

Will this device measure 250-350 bpm ? I am confused !!

Barely. Not really. Maybe not :confused:

The AD-8232 can read signals above 1kHz, but the amplitude will be lower.
In theory a sample rate of 1kHz can detect signals up to 500Hz. But that is theory for for sine waves. For a heart beat you can detect maybe up to 100Hz or 200Hz. That means that device is for the human heart rate.

Could you split the project into two parts ?
Try the AD-8232, and use an antennuator to make the signal 1Vtt, and put that in the line-in of a computer. Use Audacity to record and analyze the signal.

The Arduino can be set to 115200 for the baudrate. The Arduino (Pro) Micro, Leonardo and others use the USB CDC of the processor and can send data much faster to a computer. You probably need the faster ones, perhaps even a faster Arduino board, like the Arduino Zero, Arduino M0 or Arduino Due.