A mobile compiler for Arduino?

I am trying for a while, to find a solution to upload a sketch view bluetooth to the chip. To do so, I will need to find a way to create the right Hex file to upload .

I could not find any complier for arduino , that can run on mobile for instance , although this guy did it : http://www.arduinocode.info

I wonder if he compiles online or inside the iPhone.

Say I don't want to check for errors, is there a simple way to create a hex data from a few line of code (say blink led) , to be sent to the chip via serial ? (BLE for instance )

Is there anyway to send a small blink program to the chip from a mobile device ?

gil22: Say I don't want to check for errors,

If you have typed the source code on a phone you WILL want to check for errors :)

And, sorry, the most mobile I am is with a laptop.


Who says I am typing with a phone ? ( try to get out of the box a little bit:) )

Anyway , if lets say i have a text file with the blink led sketch , and I would like to export this text file to a string that can be sent to the Arduino via serial - what would I need to do ?

Is there a simple way to turn a text sketch to the strings I can send to the chip serial ?

The Arduino processor does not run the sketch as you have typed it. It needs to be compiled into binary code for the microprocessor. This is done by the compiler that comes with the IDE or with the new cloud based compiler currently in beta testing.

If you just want to send strings to a program running on the Arduino hardware then that is possible and there are a lot of examples on the Internet to copy.

Who says I am typing with a phone ? ( try to get out of the box a little bit:) )

I know I am old and slow. But I can’t fiigure why anyone would want to compile a program on a phone (or tablet) unless the program text was created on that device.

It would help us to help you if you explain more fully what you are trying to achieve.


This is probably not exactly what you are after, but let me share my setup which enables me to compile and upload a sketch from.. any mobile device anywhere though the internet.

I have a virtual machine running win7 with the arduino IDE installed. The arduino hardware is permanently connected to the machine's physical USB port. (virtualization server physical USB port)

Next I can VPN to the machine from the internet and then use remote desktop ( am using an android based RDP ) and now I can do anything with the arduino as if I was sitting next to it. (apart from modifying hardware of course)