A modified PCB using the Arduino standard board features


Would please let me know that is it possible to use ARDUINO standard board to design my own (modified) PCB? If yes, please give me some information about ATMEGA16(U2) which is used for USB communication and programming the main micro (ATmega2560). I mean, may I have access to the source code of U2 micro?


Schematics and links to firmware found here:

Direct link to GiHub repository:

Hello James,

Thank you very much.
I have one more question, if I use FT232 instead of ATmega16U2 (Arduino Mega Configuration), is it still possible to connect to my own board (personalized ARDUINO board with new PCB) using the Arduino IDE?
Which bootloader must be loaded to the micro-controller (ATmega1280)?

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The board selection in the ide is really telling the IDE what processor and boot loader is being used. The serial chip is irrelevant.

So you can use a FT232 and still select mega2560.