A motorbike gear position inidcator for R1 powered classic mini

Hello everyone.

I've been playing around with Arduino for a few months now and I thought I would share my most recent little project which is a gear position indicator for my classic mini that I am installing a Yamaha R1 engine into.

The main aim of this project was to produce something that would be in-keeping with the overall classic look of a 60's mini. I have a late model Cooper but I am retro styling it including converting to the classic center speedo. This guage will be mounted in the center oval binnacle along with my custom speedo I have created.

Apart from needing to adjust the number alignment and packaging the Arduino and input circuits into something suitable, it is pretty much complete.

Here is a video of it in action - Smiths Mini Gear Position Indicator

I have used the debounce2 library to debounce the inputs to avoid erratic readings of each gear change. My prototype is using a couple of push switches but the finial version will use reed switches, possibly hall effect if the reed switches don't work as expected.

One of the problems I encountered with the cheap sh1106 OLED purchased on ebay was the availability of a library. I opted for the MicroLCD library but it's font handling isn't great so I ended up creating monochrome bitmaps for each output and I use the draw function to display the hex. This allowed greater choice of font and size.

I have added startup logic to sense neutral and prompt to select in case I kill the engine in gear. This will ensure the gear selection will also be in the correct sequence as it effectively calibrates each time I turn the ignition on.

I have also ensured that only 1st and 6th will be displayed if I accidentally grab another gear change when I am already in the min/max gear. available.

Finally, only 1st and 2nd can be displayed if starting at neutral. In other words selecting neutral will also result in the next gear change being either 1st or 2nd regardless of what the previous gear was.

If interested I can post up details of the speedo I've made which is a Smiths clock fitted with stepper motor and OLED odometer. This will enable me to have a classic looking analog speedo that is driven by the pulse train of the R1 engine (Standard mini using a physical cable connected to a worm gear in the a-series engine)

Thanks for looking.