a network transistor?

Is there a network transistor that exists? Like a network resistor, it takes a common and has 4 or 8 ties to the same pin, to save space on a board? Like 4 tip 120's in on a chip?

ULN 2003
ULN 2803
UDN 2981 (but they are obsolete)

These are the most used transistor arrays in the digital world.


Ok thanks - this helps. 500 ma not going to strike lightning bolts with - but it's a good start. I'm building animated headlights, and the led cob panels draw quite a bit of current.

Hi, the problem with transistor or mosfet arrays is the packaging, it will limit the current due to package size and pin size. Try. ULN2064B ULN2068B ULN2067B ULN2069B ULN2074B ULN2065B ULN2075B

These are 1.5A to 2A, some darlington pairs mixed in. Tom.... :)

take your pef board and lay in a 16 pin DIP chip take 4 TIP-120's and stack them as close to each other as you can.

which takes more board space ?

higher power means the TIP's need heat sinks, but you can often string them in a row and share heat sinks.

These days no one in industry bothers with darlingtons for switching, MOSFETs are superior. (except perhaps in cost in through-hole packages for darlington arrays).

MOSFETs(*) aren't available in arrays since the drain is the chip substrate and you want commoned sources not commoned drains.

(*) high power MOSFETs with vertical current flow, that is, there are many DMOS containing chips around but the minimum R(on) for those is around 0.2 to 0.3 ohms.

Indeed I think there's a DMOS version of the ULN2803 available from a few vendors, IIRC.