A new arduino beeper?

Hello I'm working on a old very old project I had in here. A Hc-06/06 bluetooth beeper. In the past There was a app someone made to send sms text message from android to arduino and read it on a lcd. The new problem is that I have a Iphone and I wanted to do the same thing. I just Can not find a iphone app to do the same thing.

So my question is there a iphone app that can connect to arduino and send my text messages to my arduino so I can read them? Like I use to do in the past. I know the old Post I have I can not find it and long long close ago.


‎Bluetooth for Arduino on the App Store (apple.com)

Hello, From what i'm seeing this application controls things. I do not see anything for like text messages. Is there a function on the application that can do this?


You don't need an app on the 'phone to send an SMS text message beyond what you already have. What you need is the hardware and sketch on the Arduino to receive it

Hello Bob, Nice to see you again. I do have the original code of my arduino to recieve everything. I just have to way to interface it to my iphone. If i connect via bluetooth nothing happens There is no middle man as they call it to say hey I need to grab the text messages ans push it through to the bluetooth message. Unless I'm missing something and my iphone can do this. In the past I have a android application that sent the text via bluetooth.


Please post the code here. It may clarify things

Do you remember the name of the Android application ?
Are you sure that it sent an SMS message and not simply some text that you entered ?

Hello Bob, It sent text message Becuase it was a old beeper project i found online. This is the beeper project This is the code i found online to make it work in the past. it use something called pocket scanner for android. When i try to look for it in the ios store only thing comes up is the flat bed scanning for documents.

Edit. Yeah i read some of my comments was back in 2017. Hehe This is where I originally found it.


That sounds an unlikely name for an app that sends SMS messages by Bluetooth. The page that you linked to has a link to Pocket Scanner but its purpose seems to be to send images rather than text

Cutting to the chase. What exactly is it that you want to do ?
Send some text from your iPhone to the Arduino or is there more to it ?

Hey Bob. That is it. I'm trying to recreate the beeper project all over again for my Uncle. He is retiring next week at the age of 76 years old and He keeps always talking about his old pager he misses. So i though i can bring back this old project I did in the past. for him as a gift.

He was like a second father to me growing up because my father is kind of like me a workaholic always worked. I became that growing up too.

Edit: Yes to send the sms text messages to arduino via bluetooth.


In summary it sounds like you want to be able to send an SMS text message to a pager like device and have it beep/buzz, flash a light and possibly display the message.

Is that correct ?

Yes. But no buzzer or flashing lights. I have a 128x32 oled that fits in a old pager case with some modifications to make it fit. To display the message. Sense it was be only numbers Doesn't take up much space.


Then you don't need an app on the iPhone to send the text do you ?

I do bob. Because I have no way of telling the text message from the cell phone to the bluetooth to send that incoming text message from the cellphone to the arduino that is conneted.


Sorry, but I don't see where Bluetooth comes into it

Bluetooth the hc-05 connects to the cell phone the application takes that sms text message to send it via bluetooth to the arduino and then you can read it in a serial monitor or lcd of some kind.


So, it is not really an SMS text message that you are sending at all, just some text being sent by Bluetooth from an iPhone

Is that correct ?

No it is a sms text message the old app reads the sms text message and waits for any new incoming sms text messages and send it to the bluetooth to the arduino. basically it duplicates the new inciming sms text message that you see on your phone to the arduino. That is how it worked in the past. I did the same project via my android phone. But sense I do not have a arduino phone no more that application does not work on iphone.


Hello joseph.
This sounds like a simple app. If you wanted an Android app to do something particular you could talk to people on the MIT App Inventor forum.

Since you need an app to run on the iPhone, you might try to find a forum used by people who develop iPhone apps. I don't know of such a forum, but I would be surprised if one does not exist.

Good luck.

Hello Hillmanlmp, Thank you. I can not find a place myself without spending a arm and a leg as they said. I have tried freelancer and the most reasonable one is $250usd for one. I understand that and it is way out of my budget what I can afford. I know no other place.

Edit: I might of found someone on fiverr that might be able to do it for $50 dollars i think. I will post a update if that happens and share the application with everyone here.



$250 is absurd.

In the Android world people would make a simple app like this for you at no charge. I would.

I'll ask on the MIT App Inventor forum if there are any forums for iPhone app developers where people help each other.

Shall I do that?

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