A new arduino beeper?

I don't mind paying to support that person who is doing the work. But to be honest. I can not afford something like that. My father says Everyone has to eat. Everyone needs to pay bills and It's work. So I do not mind paying for something like this or anything else I need. But To charge something crazy like that is nuts.


$250 might be the base level for a simple app.

As I understand it, you need the phone to automatically send any incoming SMS to the Arduino via Bluetooth.

Is that correct?

That is very simple.

Do you want me to ask on the MIT AI forum if there is an iPhone forum? I don't need to go into any details. Let me know.

That is basically It.


This is new information. As I have said before, if the aim is to send an SMS text to the Arduino based beeper then you could do that without an app on the iPhone and with no intermediate 'phone

Of course, one alternative would be to buy a cheap Android 'phone

Hey Bob, My uncle only has a Iphone. There is no real way to read a sms text from a phone to arduino that I know without some kind of middle man telling it to listen to new incoming sms text from the cell phone and put it through bluetooth to the arduino. Again I never head heard of this without a application to do that same thing. I can connect my bluetooth to my phone and I get a new incoming text but nothing happens on the arduino. I have tired this many times without a application.



Do you want me to ask the MIT AI forum about iPhone forums. It's just a simple question and no trouble.

But I don't want to do it unless you want me too.

Hello Hillmanlmp, Yes please.


That middle man can be a GSM modem attached to the Arduino. The Arduino can then receive SMS texts and display them

Hey bob, true. I’m not sure what you would call the application then. But it is needed to make it work.


No application needed. Basically you send the Arduino a text and it displays it

Hey bob, So you are saying my text message people send me on my iphone I can get it transmitted to arduino though the Bluetooth without a application?


That is not what I am saying at all

If you use a GSM modem directly connected to the Arduino it will have its own 'phone number to which it can be sent texts

I do not have a GSM module at all. Just bluetooth. That is what the application is for.


I never imagined that you did have one. These are just suggestions as to how you might solve your problem

I know little or nothing about iPhones, but do they have the option to forward SMS text messages and, if so, how do they use it to communicate with the stereo system of a car, for instance ?

That’s what I’m wanting to know. It’s much easier to do with android but with IOS apple it’s much harder.