A new Arduino Q&A site

There is a site proposal -> http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/49538/arduino for a new Arduino Q&A site similar to Stack Overflow under the Stack Exchange network.

It is something that can work alongside this forum to solve problems with Arduino's. It in no way replaces a forum, but instead creates a new platform for objective oriented questions and answers with minimum noise. If you are interested, you can follow and support the proposal. The more the merrier :)

UPDATE : The proposal has got 46 followers and about 17 example questions. It is moving forward at a good pace.

Bah. Dilution of mindshare. I already regularly read here and at Adafruit, and feel like I should read Sparkfun; there's a limit to how many websites I'm willing to visit on a regular basis, to cover one subject...

Bump! Arduino stack exchange needs you! We now only need 2 followers!

Agree with westfw.

We now have 62 followers !

We only need about 20 good questions to move forward.

Also agree with westfw

I don't understand the purpose of that Q & A site, what is it for? Just a hobby for someone?

Cheers, Kari

My 'hobby' site had 24,000 hits this month. I did put some effort into original content - now theres an idea for a site !

Duane B


FYI: This proposal was already made last year, and then after reaching completion, it was closed down by Stackexchange moderators/staff, because it would dilute users away from the Electronics Stackexchange, which already has an active community answering Arduino-related questions.

Yes. I am aware. Things are being actively discussed. We have had some communication with SE employees as well. They will take a call on this proposal only when it reaches the next phase of the process. However, it has been observed that this proposal is different, wider and we are targeting a much wider audience than before.

I agree with westfly...

As a new user to Arduino, I find the whole process of getting Due advice and libraries difficult enough (forums, github, hobby sites, vendor sites, ebay ads). Keep the mindshare whole.

Dilution of content is indeed an issue for Arduino community (although less so than many other tech fields).

That said, I think this Stackexchange proposal for an Arduino site will definitely be useful in certain aspects -- Stackexchange emphasizes content creation and curation in a way that is future-reader-friendly. So this will result in more signal-to-noise ratio, community-voted answers, and less redundancy, but also quicker access for any information an Arduino user might be interested in.

The site proposal is now in the commitment phase! Its one step away from a beta launch :)

You can turn this proposal into a site by going over to the page and clicking on "Commit!"

Seems you guys are already nearly half-way there – wow, that’s fast.

I agree with Westfw.

I operate my own site, yes. But I have the entire Arduino section set as read-only, and politely direct any questions asked back to this forum.

Plus, imagine the cross-posting! Someone will post a question there and copy and paste it here.

this website has a large baser of knowledgeable, helpfully people and a unique and positive community.

I would not want it replaced by stack overflow, nor would I want to use both simultaneously. Maybe instead of suggesting alternatives to this forum, we can find ways of further improving this forum?