A New development platform

It is called Cobuilder. It also contains an open Emulator and a free RTOS (CoOS). The resource (they call component) can be shared with every developer. Take a tour!

A link could be useful...

i found that http://www.coocox.org/CooCox_Builder.htm

course its some arm dev thing,which has no real tie to this community

therefore spam

Osgeld write:
course its some arm dev thing,which has no real tie to this community

therefore spam

I do not quite understand.

It looks very good, it should be able to challenge the tools like MDK.
Most important, it is free.

The coocox website: www.coocox.org

Wow that would scare away 90% of our users...


Agreed, Massimo.

But I've recently decided (well, an audio processing project made the decision for me) that I need a lot more horsepower with a lot less current draw, so it looks like I'll be heading for 32-bithood in the near future. So any info on 32-bit development tools is helpful.

Reading the other thread on that package, it doesn't look like this is a viable tool, but any info at this point is much appreciated, since I have no idea how best to transition my workbench to the 32-bit world.

And yes, the 32-bit world is scary. :)




ubw32 ;D (sparkfun, cost less than a mega and packs a punch)

"ubw32 Grin (sparkfun, cost less than a mega and packs a punch)"

Thanks very much, Osgeld. I hadn't seen that one and, although most of my work to date has been with PICs, I hadn't considered the Microchip 32 bit machine. Interesting idea, particularly since the Sparkfun blurb says that it can be debugged using an ICD2. I just happen to have one of those handy. And I think that their development tools are compatible with the MPLAB IDE, which is a very good thing. Their sim and debugger speed up development, and improve the reliability of the final product. (Gotta double check that...)

I'm guessing that it's much less power hungry than the dsPIC line, too.

Many thanks for the lead!


But this is just a plug in for the IAR workbench or the Keil MDK and although the plug in might be free the things it plugs into are not as I understand it. I couldn’t see any reference to multi platform so I assume it can’t be run on a Mac easily.
Finally while it is a development system it is not as easy as the aduino for making stand alone gadgets from the processor and a few bits. Supporting only surface mount devices also makes it necessary to make a PCB before prototyping.
So while it is interesting if you need the grunt I don’t think it is an ardunio killer.

@ TJ, yes you use mplab with the ubw32, like the full blown pic32 dev kit (but the bootloader has been modded)

also you have to use a modded version of the uploader, which can be found on the homepage of the ubw32