A new way to interface with the Arduino perhaps?

Hello all, This will be my first post here but I'm bringing with me an interesting idea, let me know if it's been ruled out already, but wouldn't it be cool if you could program or at the very least serial monitor the arduino with the iPhone or iTouch? You have access to the TX RX and GRND ports with the breakout, all you'd need to do is jailbreak your phone to get the programming app on there. I'm not skilled enough to know all the impossiblities of the project but I have seen the ability to develop and run python code on the iTouch. I've found an article here about connecting to the iphone to RX TX and GRND.

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Heres that link


Yes, looks very possible. The article seems to cover all the information required. However be sure to understand about the serial voltage levels that the iphone works with, 3 volt serial, rather then the TTL (5v signals) levels that the standard Arduino board uses.

This can be handled by proper voltage dividers using external resistors or even by obtaining one of the Arduino boards that work on 3.3vdc voltage directly.

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so here is the big question I have now. Could it be done through USB? isnt the usb on the arduino a fake serial port?

isnt the usb on the arduino a fake serial port?

Yes the USB FTDI chip on the Arduino board maps as a serial port in the PC when it is plugged into the PC's USB port. Any PC application program that can talk to a serial port can talk via the Arduino's USB serial port.