A plain java wrapper/jar for firmata that works?


I want to control an arduino duemilanove from Java, using firmata. Should be simple, but the only options I can see are to: -write a low-level class to wrap rxtx -use processing, i.e. learn/fight yet another framework

I have got rxtx etc working but before I go fiddling around was wondering if there was an easy way.

I have searched high and low and can't find anything useful....



OK, looks like I'm striking out on Java, or hacking the processing jar source, or developing my own firmata equivalent that I can send simple commands to over serail.

Otherwise, is there anything decent that java can interface with for firmata, e.g. c? All the stuff I've found looks half-done and old (i.e. may not work with latest firmata.

Is there an alternative to firmata that's more developed?