a problem using Matrices

hi everybody ... i'm working recently on a project in which i want to implement a kalman filter on a given signal. The catch is that i need to use matrices, and fortunately i have a class that handles matrices and matrix operations that i implemented sometime earlier (but it was for visual c++ not arduino). I tweaked the class a bit so it the arduino compiler compiles, but when i test this class i have some problems.

I depend on dynamic allocation of arrays in this matrix class. The problem is that when i declare two matrix objects for example, and i assign some values to these classes, if i use any operation on any matrix (like transpose or inversion), the original matrix numbers change in uncontrolled manner, even when using a simple = operator. does it have anything to do with the memory of the arduino or its structure ?? btw i'm using an arduino uno R3 model on proteus simulation package and i'm using virtual serial communication to display the results.

Thank you in advance.

this is a link for the project https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B86aQlNAG71RYVg0Mk1uUE1oakk/edit?usp=sharing

How do you access the link you sent.

It seems to require a login.

You'd be better off posting a code snippet, or possibly zipping up your code or putting it somewhere publically accessible


What do you mean you are using a simulation package. Are you running this on real hardware or are you simulating the whole arduino?

Apart from the low amount of memory, very slow floating point calculations and lack of double precision, a properly written C/C++ implementation of matrices should work on the Arduino.

Sorry about the above link, it seems that i didn't adjust the privacy settings when i shared the file. Here is a working link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B86aQlNAG71RYVg0Mk1uUE1oakk/edit?usp=sharing

In this work i 'm not using a real hardware. I simulate the hardware with proteus simulation package. I found lately a library for proteus which enables simulating arduino.