a problem with servo motor "Help"


i'm a new user for arduino and servo motor i tried sweep examples, but i want write a code which i can write eh exact angle for the servo.
for example:
i want to order the servo to go 90 and stop then back to 40 and stop... etc
PS. my servo rotates 360 degrees

Do you have spec for this device, or is it a continuous rotation ex-servo?

this is the data sheet for the motor

it's continues rotation

That's what we call an ex-servo.
It isn't possible to command it to a particular angle, without the addition of some sort of encoder.

ok thanks for this information.

i made a ball and beam project so you advise me to buy new servo motor not continues, or i can use this motor and deal with it like DC motor just control the speed and the direction of the motor ?

I have no idea what a ball and beam project is, so I'm afraid I can't help you.

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

is this a standard servo motor which i can order it to go the an exact angle

check this link


It will go to, and hold, at the required angle.
However, don't expect the value written to correspond exactly to where the output shaft ends up pointing.

thanks for your help. I appreciate that :slight_smile:

sorry i have another servo which i can buy and i want to know you opinion in it


Yes, that one looks ok, in that it is not a continuous rotation motor, but I can't say if it will work for you because only you know the specification you Ned for your application.
Be aware that metal geared servos are much more expensive than plastic geared ones.

yeah i know the electrical and wight specifications which i need. just want to know if this a servo motor which can work with pmw and go the the exact angle. that's it :slight_smile:

I don't know what "pmw" is, but don't try driving your servo with PWM, use PPM instead.

ok thanks for you help, i'm going now to buy the motor to catch the deadline for hand the project.

thanks again