A prompt within a prompt?

Hello Arduino Community!

For a school project, I need prompt the user for a response and then send another prompt for another response depending on the initial response to the initial response through Serial.

For example:

The Serial Monitor asks "Blue, Red, or Green?"

If you say Blue, Serial Monitor asks "1, 2, or 3"

If you say Red, Serial Monitor asks "4, 5, or 6"

If you say Green, Serial Monitor asks "7, 8 or 9"

(ask as in Serial.println(" "))

How would I go about doing this? If possible, could somebody please show me an example of this in code?

Thank you so much!

Read from serial into a char array.

Use strcmp to compare that char array to the string "Blue" or "Red" or "Green" in an if statement.

If the thing entered from Serial matches in one of your if statements, then ask the next question inside that if statement.


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