A question about "serial.print" command

Dear all,

I am a beginner in Arduino and I felt confused in a command "serial.print". I used this command in my program, but nothing show for me although I obverse a serial monitor by using Arduino 1.0

have you included:


Is the baud rate in the begin call the same as the serial monitor is using?
What are you trying to print?

It is impossible to help without you posting code.

I felt confused in a command "serial.print"

It is called "Serial.print" - "serial.print" will give you a compilation error.

I set a baud rate, Serial.begin(115200); and I want to print x, y coordinate from encoder which install in motor Serial.print("o"); // o indicates odometry message Serial.print("\t"); Serial.print(_OdometricLocalizer.X, 3); Serial.print("\t"); Serial.print(_OdometricLocalizer.Y, 3); Serial.print("\t"); Serial.print(_OdometricLocalizer.Heading, 3); Serial.print("\t"); Serial.print(_OdometricLocalizer.V, 3); Serial.print("\t"); Serial.print(_OdometricLocalizer.Omega, 3); Serial.print("\t");

Serial.print(_OdometricLocalizer.VLeft, 3); Serial.print("\t"); Serial.print(_OdometricLocalizer.VRight, 3); Serial.print("\t"); Serial.print(_LeftEncoderTicks); Serial.print("\t"); Serial.print(_RightEncoderTicks);

Have you set the Baud Rate in the bottom right corner of the serial monitor in the IDE to 115200?

Yes, it already set baud rate 1152000 baud automatically

Assuming it still isn't working, post your whole sketch, between code tags (# button above)

My code came from http://code.google.com/p/drh-robotics ros/source/browse/trunk/Arduino/Robot/Robot.pde?r=58 and the code descriptions are from Ardros – Controller and Drive System – Dr Rainer Hessmer

I suppose the program can show x, y coordinate from encoder motor