A question about sound localization

What kind of signal are we talking about here? Single sine wave one frequency? What frequency?

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Sine wave with 800 hz

There's still quite a few questions and issues left. I suggest starting from the top of the thread, note all the questions and issues, and try to respond to them all in one post.

Also, do you have any kind of prospectus, diagram, or plan that you can show us? So we're not blindly trying to guess what you have there?

Measure the phase under nominal, standard conditions. Store the result and subtract it from subsequent readings.

...implies that you have code you haven't shown us. I'm sure it would be enormously helpful in showing what you are doing...

I examin my code to get true angle result thus my code is not determin and constant ,several times change my code, when i achive to true method for true angle showing , i share whole it to used another person and develop for thire project

Sure, but a sample of changing code is still better than none at all... and please use code tags to make it forum compatible.

Ok i will share last code

Images of your hardware would be enormously helpful as well.

So you have a wavelength of 42.5cm and no time-domain information.
If the baseline mic spacing is about 20cm, you should have 180 degrees of
With a wider baseline you'll have ambiguity as multiple directions map to the same phase difference, but the resolution will be better.

If the mics are not identical in phase response or if they have a phase response that varies with angle you'll need to calibrate for these effects.